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Celebrate your party with Sonny Bride, the Dutch Barry White lookalike! Unfortunately, the star Barry White has left the land of the living.

But with Sonny, this awesome artist comes back to life! His voice, his charm, his passion, Sonny Bride has it all. Sonny brings you back in the time of the soulmusic from the 70’s and 80’s.

With his velvet voice he enchants the audience. Barry White songs are romantic, and Sonny Bride knows exactly how to bring over a happy and glamorous ambiance on his spectators!



“My name is Ramiro Benjamino Cathalina alias Sonny Bride, the Barry White lookalike. I was born on an early morning in Curacao on 9-12-1962, together with my twin sister Ramira Benjamina Cathalina.


At early age I was already crazy about music! In Curacao people celebrate their parties often with Salsa and other Latin-American music, and so did my family. Gathered up onder a tree we sang together, and everyone was proud of me because of my singing talent. I also sang at the childrens’s choir in our local church.

When i grew up, I discovered the soul music. At the time I was very fond of Lionel Richie, I knew all his songs by head.


In 1985 I came to the Netherlands to study, and untill 2005 I worked as a plasterer. In my spare time I regularily sang soul covers at parties of family and friends. In 2005 I started my own security company. I met a lot of people, and I was often told that I looked like Barry White! I didn’t do anything with that information, at that time. But I started listening to his music more often.


Until a certain day during funfair (carnival) celebration in Eindhoven, 2009. During my duty as a doorman at the Irish pub O’Sheas, the bartender lady called me in. I thought there were irregularities indoors, so I came in with an attitude like: ok, who do I have to  throw out?

Then suddenly the pub owner stuffed a microphone into my hand. He played the Barry White song ‘My First My Last’ ... and I started to sing. That was the very first time I sang one of Barry’s tracks. People liked it, and it even got me a few fans already!


Afterwards someone from the audience approached me and offered to help me to become the Dutch Barry White lookalike. I started with singing lessons and I studied the artist Barry White thoroughly. My first official appearance as Barry White lookalike was at a colleague’s garden party. I was scared to death, but I got bitten by it! More acts came up and my first major performance was in 2012 at Paradiso in Amsterdam.


I still take singing lessons, and I always aim to improve myself further.

Nowadays, I perform weekly in my own country and abroad, and I hope I can do this job for a long time!”



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